DigitSock™ Customer Feedback: Lisa M. Golden, CO

“What I’ve been impressed with is how it actually fits.  Most gloves I wear move around, are bulky and are not suitable for indoor wear.  The term ‘fits like a glove’ could be used; it’s like my hands have been dipped in cloth.”

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Why DigitSock™?

The “why” stems from my father living in an assisted living facility the last decade of his life. As is natural with aging and common comorbidities, his diminished, thin-blood flow and skin integrity were present and problematic. Thus, anytime he lightly touched up onto a side table or a rail on his bed he would bleed or have a new wound. He had thin skin – literally!

DigitSock™ was a solution and supplement to protect his skin and prevent possible bleeding with a simple, well-made, comfortable, and reusable all-day indoor glove where he could perform all his normal activities of daily living (ADLs).

DigitSock™ is

Dr. Brad’s DigitSock™


The DigitSock™ is the future of hand hygiene! With silver-threaded yarn technology providing a hand hygiene source solution or barrier; the glove is functional, reusable, easy to wear, moisture-wicking, screen friendly and comfortable. The DigitSock™ enables people to perform all their activities of daily living (ADLs) or work responsibilities with a simple silver threaded barrier. Dr. Brad’s DigitSock™ is a barrier for your business.

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Every drop counts

According to global estimates from WHO and UNICEF, 1 in 4 facilities lack basic water, 1 in 10 facilities have no sanitation, 1 in 3 facilities lack hand hygiene facilities at point of care, and 1 million of the 4.1 million maternal or neonatal deaths per year may be related to unhygienic birthing practices.