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The idea of DigitSock™ or all day, indoor gloves that are comfy, reusable, and easy to wear during a person’s activities of daily living (ADLs) was first created on a hike in the mountains near Hideout, UT around 2012. Subsequently, I immersed myself into the hand hygiene guidelines or recommendations of the WHO, CDC, FDA, and OSHA particularly during the July 4th holiday weekend in 2020. After absorbing the current guidelines and continuing to think about the current lifestyles of people the thought of making something environmentally friendly, fun, and practical crystallized.

Thus, I asked myself the following question: What are the traits one looks for in the make-up of a comfortable, protective barrier and can it be manufactured in America to support local livelihoods here in the USA? The answer was yes!. Therefore, the DigitSock™ by Dr. Brad is here for all to use and enjoy!

DigitSock™ Feedback: Gary W. Fishers, IN

“I was demoing my relatives on how useful your gloves were. Even took them to the DigitSock’s website.”

Pictured with Dr. Brad (Left) is the artist of the copyrighted logo for Dr. Brad’s DigitSock™, his daughter (Right).

Fun background to the name "Dr. Brad"

The name Dr. Brad originated when I first moved to Park City in 2011. In order to meet new people and learn about the area, I decided to stay busy or productive by working on free nights and weekends with a fun, seasonal job at Deer Valley. One night, my co-workers began searching each of the drivers’ names online and our backgrounds professionally came to light.

Thus, from that time forward; co-workers, as well as, my soon to be new friends and their children began calling me “Dr. Brad” out of light hearted fun and companionship.