DigitSock™ Feedback: Bryce H. Salt Lake City, UT

“With the Digitsock™ gloves, I am able to type on my keyboard in a chilly office where I work.  There is nothing worse than trying to get work done with freezing hands.  This product solves that problem.  The gloves are not too thick, so dexterity is retained.  The cool thing, too, is that I can still operate my smart phone with them.”



Dr. Brad’s DigitSock™ aspires to be a cost-effective way to keep your patrons and employees safe. The reusable/washable materials mean you don’t need to wastefully over-buy paper towels, use excessive amounts of soap, or waste time taking your gloves on and off throughout the day. 


Guests, patrons, and care workers will have a physical barrier between their hands and external surfaces. People will be able to wash their hands less frequently throughout the day saving on expensive and resource draining paper towels, clean water, and chemical-heavy soap. Every drop counts.


The Dr. Brad’s DigitSock™ is smartphone-friendly so you can stay connected without taking your gloves on and off. With its unique design and material composition, Dr. Brad’s DigitSock™ is moisture-wicking so hands stay dry throughout the day while also maintaining a comfortable temperature. 


With silver threaded technology, Dr. Brad’s DigitSock™ reduces contact exposures between common surfaces and peoples’ hands. The physical barrier reduces the need for repetitive reapplication of alcohol, thus, potentially reducing dermatitis or inflammation of the hands. Furthermore, implementing and recording proper hand hygiene protocols just became easier than ever before.


DigitSock™ is a silver threaded glove that aspires to improve hand hygiene by providing a physical barrier that is both comfortable and functional between guests, care workers, and environmental surfaces. Dr. Brad’s DigitSock™ aims to reduce the contact exposures between common surfaces and peoples’ skin; potentially reducing the repetitive reapplication of alcohol on the dermis and limiting the impact of dermatitis or inflammation of the skin.

Reduced costs & Improved Sustainability

Save time, operational expenses and improve sustainability with DigitSock™. According to the Center for Disease Control, healthcare workers lose an hour of productivity by spending one hour out of an eight hour shift washing their hands with an estimate of 12 contact exposures per hour. Furthermore, DigitSock™ conserves clean water, paper towels, commercial soaps, or other cleaning supplies.